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Moscow at night

Slowly working through all the photographs from this summer’s trip to Moscow, Russia. It’s a beautiful city!

St. Basil’s Cathedral (actually, properly known as Pokrovsky Cathedral) is actually a structure of 9 individual churches.


The Bolshoi Theater


the Iberian Gate (aka Resurrection Gate) into the Red Square. Demolished originally in late 20s to let tanks travel into the Red Square for military parades, they were rebuilt in early 1990s.


The history museum

Entrance to a 4 story underground shopping mall, Ohotnyi Ryad


The museum of War of 1812 (The Patriotic War of 1812, as it’s known there)


And, shot from the Red square, the entrance into theĀ GUM (a Russian abbreviation for the State Department Store)

20150720-20150720-IMG_1324Stay tuned for more photos….they are coming!

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