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As we wrap up a year of “color games”, color theory seemed like a great final finish. For those not familiar, the color wheel provides a range of colors that can be successfully combined to create various harmonious combinations (there is a good example here). These are fun to find in vivo and are a good practice to create. While this month’s photos are no masterpieces, i enjoyed the combination of colors! This post is a part of group project focusing on color. Please click on to blog of the wonderful Heather Chang to see where she found complementary colors this month!

When I saw a box of these tomatoes at the store, I was immediately drawn to the colors – a great example of analogous color scheme!

blog 20160208-IMG_8813-Edit_

And I knew I had just a bowl in my collection that was complementary to theĀ orange tomatoes.

blog 20160208-IMG_8804-Edit_I spotted another great example of analogous colors at the Longwood gardens last weekend.
blog 20160221-IMG_8995_

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